From Marple (not Miss)

Well, at least it’s interesting to read comments and posts from upto 12 years ago! Including the regulation cat (much loved but now gone, Tigger) from June 2006.

Much of the intervening material and pictures were imported from Blogger!

It’s so long since I posted here that wordpress have changed the interface so I hardly recognice it! And they’re offering me ‘a new posting experience’ – when I hate such changes always preferring ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!

Anyway, we’re still finishing off our building work at Navasola despite lots of wet and windy weather recently and the heating system now seems to work reasonably satisfactorily – we have plenty of hot water anyway. And the sun is shining today.

You can still get more frequent updates on Georgina’s blog at navasolanature.wordpress.com

Hasta luego, o até logo, or see you later



Navasola Nature weblog

Georgina is now maintaining our Navasola Nature website and blog at http://navasolanature.wordpress.com

Annual check-up

Yup, it’s that time of year again! Have you had your annual check-up, therapist visit, car serviced, website updated etc. etc.?

With Georgina about to start a new ‘Navasola +’ blog/website, probably on wordpress, I thought I’d see if I could still remember how to log in here – I can! – and have a quick dust and polish (or is that spring time?)

I still (fail to) maintain the following:
http://navasola.blogspot.co.uk/ (last updated 31/12/12)
http://notoats.wordpress.com/ (last updated 3/1/13)
http://hounslowintransition.com/ (last updated 3/11/11!)
http://transitionbrentford.wordpress.com/ (last updated 7/11/13 – but not by me!)
http://arbcapel.wordpress.com/ (last updated 18/3/09 – so definitely old-hat)
More recently:
http://bandifriends.wordpress.com/ (last updated 23/11/13 – so still on the go)
But no longer have any responsibility for http://www.humberyawlclub.com/

Our website and photographic record can be found at:
http://www.humber.co.uk/ and www.navasolanature.com : www.navasolanature.co.uk : www.navasolanature.es (all the same via different addresses, last updated 2008-10 – oops!)
https://picasaweb.google.com/trevorbending/ (the photos – last updated 6/12/13)

The link to that new site might follow soon and maybe I’ll do some Xmas/New Year/Spring cleaning.

Happy Christmas, Feliz Natal, Feliz Navidad

7 days to 7th birthday!

Curious to read all glance over all my posts from 2006 to 2009.

Note that in 7 days time, it will be the 7th anniversary of starting this now much neglected blog. My only maintenance the occasional spam comment deletion.

The following links  provide access to my other web efforts although the Humber Yawl Club has now moved on to a rather more basic website provided by somebody else.

For other news, find me or my web ‘contributions’ at:

I’m giving that time instead to the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) –

see bandifriends.wordpress.com

Almost a year

Almost a year gone by and browsing this today reminds me how long ago it started (June 2006) and that so much stuff is still held here.

I WILL have a go at re-vamping and developing it soon.

In the meantime, have a look at the HYC site.

Everyone else.

I’m still occasionally updating the blog at www.navasola.blogspot.com and will have a tidy and clean up here soon. See also the website at www.humber.co.uk

HYC Members …

If anyone passing this way wonders what’s going on? … it’s all become a very bloggy experiment.

For HYC see see the HYC pages tabbed above or listed below right and! humberyawl.wordpress.com

…and one to practise your Italian…


Recent updates

I’ve re-arranged the sidebar (right) and will tweak this from time to time whilst still in this experimental phase. Still waiting for contributions or comments from HYC members: hyc at humber.co.uk

‘Jesus’ is a common name in Spain. My class have called their teddy ‘Jesus’ and I’m not expecting a visit from the Inquisition any time soon. Modern times, Middle Ages or Dark Ages?

Please note the Blogger version of this blog is only infrequently updated. I only wish WordPress had a decent ‘Blog this’ feature instead of the very clunky ‘Link this’ or ‘PressThis’.