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I’ve re-arranged the sidebar (right) and will tweak this from time to time whilst still in this experimental phase. Still waiting for contributions or comments from HYC members: hyc at humber.co.uk

‘Jesus’ is a common name in Spain. My class have called their teddy ‘Jesus’ and I’m not expecting a visit from the Inquisition any time soon. Modern times, Middle Ages or Dark Ages?

Please note the Blogger version of this blog is only infrequently updated. I only wish WordPress had a decent ‘Blog this’ feature instead of the very clunky ‘Link this’ or ‘PressThis’.


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… one from Japan (in MistyLook)


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One from America and …

The Victorian Internet review.

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Oh, well we’ve got that working thanks to thesacredpath. Thank-you!

Where are those HYC members or committee?

Ohx2! That’s amazing, my friend Russell’s  (who I’m trying to get to contribute) wife is a shamanic practitioner (if I’ve got the terminology right and not upset anything)

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Just Trevor testing the contributor function in WordPress.

Could HYC members PLEASE contribute – see humberyawl.wordpress.com

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It Came from the Cabbage Patch

It Came from the Cabbage Patch

The ‘random’ blog with an interesting theme (and THEME!)

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Thanks for signing up. Try being a contributor for a couple of things so we can see how it works, then we’ll move it on to author/editor. Thanks for your help.

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